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You Can't Stop The Signal ep 25: Scott Evans

We talk with Scott Evans of Kowloon Walled City and Antisleep Audio for our SILVER anniversary.
Kowloon Walled City, The city/the band, Going to the same high school as Dream Theatre, How Snailface came out of the RPM challenge, Glose, Combat Audio, recording at Tad’s place, bands not seeing the forest for the trees and making tough decisions recording. He’s talking, listen.

Music Played:

Kowloon Walled City – Annandale
Like Like The The The Death – Cropsies
Kowloon Walled City – 50s Dad
Snailface – Skinwalker
Cartographer – Patron of Wizardry
Helms Alee – Pleasure Center
Hurry Up Shotgun – Speedbath Megawaste
Kowloon Walled City – Turk, Taylor and Jones

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Trey Spruance - Episode 24 - You Can't Stop The Signal

We speak with the incredible Trey Spruance about all things SC3, why it was easy to quit Faith No More, playing in castles, Book T, Ernest Gold and Bruno Nicolai, The book of Exodus as surf music, why books are cool, Bellingham to Prague, “Gentrifying ethnic music.”, playing with feel, Angry fetishists, Secret Chiefs fans that “get it” too much. Soapbox Derby, Captain and Tennille, Pythagorean modes, The California album production and live. Marcy Playground and Mr. Bungle, and how children see crazy music.

Incredible talk! Super informative.

Secret Chiefs 3 – Emir of the Bees
Secret Chiefs 3 – Book T: Broken Glass Hearse
Secret Chiefs 3 – Zulkifar
Secret Chiefs 3 / UR – Circumambulation
Secret Chiefs 3 – Blaze of the Grail
Secret Chiefs 3 – Safina

ep23timbyron copy

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We talk with Tim Byron to get The REAL Mae-Shi story, Christian or not? Oursourcing touring, being a “cool” lawyer, “calling all lawyers”, Signalcast Webbie awards. do people eat breakfast during the week?, the movie Frailty? Fake “book of mormon” contest, Doug Yule’s Velvet Underground/Mae Shi, Intellectual property and becoming a dad, controversial iTunes opinions and closed doors that are not closed doors. It’s good stuff!

songs played:

The Mae-Shi – Revelation Party
The Mae-Shi – Run To Your Grave
The Mae-Shi – Vampire Beats
The Mae-Shi – Power to the Power Bite Two
The Mae-Shi – Takoma the Dolphin is Missing
The Mae-Shi – Lamb and Lion
The Mae-Shi – Raise Up the Judges (Go Dancing Again)
The Mae-Shi – Repetition
The Mae-Shi – Repetition
The Mae-Shi – Repetition
The Mae-Shi – Repetition

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Chunklet is a zine, a publisher, it’s a ding dang way of life and we talk to the head Chunklet himself about a band called Death, the brilliance of The Blind Shake, bad band names, art and artiface, Pen Rollings, faxed head, how it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon, how he started doing design, writing about stuff worth covering, and so much more! Wiseacres and knowledge dropping abounds.

Ambassador or Asshole, Henry Owings is a guy you’ll want to listen to.

songs played:

DeathKeep On Knocking
MinutesRaise Our Fists Up
The Cell PhonesWest Coast
Federation XAnna Mist
Future of the LeftSinging of the Bonesaws

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Steve Albini
We talk to Steve Albini about nicknames, origin of Electrical Audio, kids, renting a 4-track to learn how to record. the In Utereo re-release, being a part time band and full time lover, the full story behind six different Shellac songs (including: “Look at ME, I’m A PLANE!”), a FOR SERIOUS in depth talk! All of this plus: Halloween OBSERVED, Whetstone Shizuku and other Spam, and wordplay. So much wordplay!

Use the given link to find out all you have to know.

songs played:

Radiant RepublicSomebody Else’s Golden Era
ShellacSteady As She Goes
Future of the Left – I Don’t Know What You Ketamine (But I think I Love You)
Shellac – Copper
Shellac – Prayer to God
Shellac – End of Radio

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Episode 20!: Shannon Corr/Eliza – The Book-Burners: We speak with guest host Shannon Corr of Minot (Many Inversions of Nationalistic Tendenacies, My Ironic Notions of Therapy) about shooting Exodus (and many other bands), Corr Values, drums, and chucking Black Sabbath – Technical Ecstasy across a room, We also talk to Eliza from The Book-Burners about their long distance process, Facebook and Mercenary French Horns. All that *AND* we fit in speaking with Ryan Werner and his voicemail about Beedubs, Twisted Sister shirts, and his Dread Zeppelin story from like episode 3 or something. Make it happen!

Future of the Left – How To Spot a Record Company
The Book-Burners – Fireman
MinotThe Ringing Silence Between Your Ears
The EvensWarble Factor
The Book-Burners – Watch What They Say About You
Waxeater – That’s Protestant Whiskey
Nonagon – the Pfister
Male Bondage – Rams
Radiant Republic – Ghost Towns of the Future

Itunes – Mp3 (click arrow to download) You Can’t Stop The Signal – Episode 19: Sohrab Habibion (Obits)



Sohrab Habibion of the mighty Obits and Edsel speaks to us about the Obits origin, tactical strike touring, the increasing ridiculousness of being in a band later in life, and how the Hot Snakes reunion came to pass. He and Mouse get in an extended conversation about Brian Eno and other classic records. Also Neutron trash talks some internet radio show and there’s a Jeffapalooza recap. Great times!

The Cell Phones – Heavy Flow
Obits – Taste the Diff
Obits – Spun Out
Obits – Two Headed Coin
Federation X – So Tired

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Happy birthday condoms, Steve Brooks moving to SF with his paper shredder, The litigious nature of the Happy Birthday song, Writing process/Torche belongs to the world. Also: Metallica Tour Film preview commentary, Voltron’s cod piece. WWGD?(What would Gargamel Do?), ADD Traffic. Mouse vs. Blogs and so very much more!

jonathanandandrew-torche copy

Torche – Keep Up
Thoughts Detecing Machines – In Grey
Future of the Left – Perpetual Motives
Blackout Dates – Ds Get Degrees
Tilts – Give Me Some of Your Loving
SEMINARS – Bismarcked Again
Tyranny is Tyranny – The American Dream is a Lie

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Mark Trombino was the drummer for a band called Drive Like Jehu. We speak with him about this very influential band as well as the Donut Shop he is opening. We also talk about his production work with top selling bands like Blink 182 and Jimmy Eat World. We get an update about a Primus show in Alaska from Mouse, sports analogies and a quick PRF BBQ 2013 roundup from Neutron, Evan is on painkillers and some airplane stories. Nice!

The Rutabega – The Shaman
Future of the Left – The Bisexuality of Distance
Drive Like Jehu – Bullet Train to Vegas
Nonagon – Dress
Drive Like Jehu – Luau


On being a band that spans time zones, Porche/Torche death match, Scott Kelly and the Temptations, Phil Collins classic albums, Rolling on lipitor, etc. Seriously a great conversation with some very clever and hilarious guys. The one fella used to be in Primus, but they are all very awesome guys. Check it out.
Sorry this took so long, it’s a good time.

Porch – Fat Izzy
Porch – Your Hair
Minot – Refusal
Big Boys – Sound on Sound
Porch – Expectorant