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Monthly Archives: November 2012

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Ep2: Delusions of Competency– A Yelp for bands with M’ris Berlin, Paulie Shore., Sliding Scale Blowjobs at Burnt Ramen, “Eating With The Enemy” with Dank Django and SO MUCH MORE. Come on friend, treat yourself won’t you?

Music played:
Future of the Left – Beneath the Waves an Ocean
Philistines – Whoo hoo hoo
Minot – Conflag
B. Hamilton – Outside a Hexagram
Hurry Up Shotgun – Ghost of Ursula
the Sailors – I Punch You With The Fist of My Cock
Poison Control Center – Some Ordinary Vision
Tilts – Mexiqo
Moon Eater – Cold Hearted Lover
Nervous Curtains – Wired to Make Waves
Minutes – Float And Breathe
The Book-Burners – Watch What They Say About You
Jingoes – Between the Shields
Porch – Fat Izzy
Karl Hendricks Trio – The Whole Fucking Thing

No guarantees of course, the biggest problem we have is not having enough time to play the awesome things we already want to play, but stranger things have happened!

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So I subscribed to the podcast yesterday and listened to the pilot episode at work today. SO GOOD. Not only because I know you and was familiar with certain stories in particular… I’d be into it even if I wasn’t a part of the Latest Flame/PRF circle. The music and banter was on point… Thoroughly enjoyable. I’m looking forward to much more from you dudes. SO. GOOD. – Michael Marchant Ifihadahifi/Like Like The The The Death


Thanks for listening Michael! Keep listening and keep making awesome music.

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Playlist from the first episode:

Mike Watt – beak-holding-letter man / hammering-castle-bird-man
Eastern Anchors – Leading With Your Right
Ifihadahifi – Throw Deep
Legal Fingers – Fuck City
Trophy Wives – Taste of Your Medicine
Police Teeth – Rough Chuckles
Virgin Islands – No Doctor
Risk/Reward – Breaking Hearts
The Cell Phones – West Coast (live)

Thanks Elliot Turton.
We’re getting ready to record the second episode tonight.

You can listen to it on itunes and here. We speak with the utterly unique and amazing Ryan Werner of Legal Fingers whose favorite movies are Robocop, Face/OFF and Space Jam, the “Aaron Ball Gag” on Police Teeth is explained and generally start wrapping our heads around this whole podcasting business.

Check it out!

You Can’t Stop The Signal en-us
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Music, Mirth and Misery
You Can’t Stop The Signal

That one show by those guys from that band, Victory and Associates, where they talk about stuff. Largely inclusive of being a band, being around bands and band related Tom Foolery. Loosely affiliated with success and updated as long damn well feel like it.

Neutron, Gritzon, Menough


Ep1: Pilot episode, tour wrap up. The “Aaron Ball Gag”, Ryan Werner calls in. Eric Gaffney joke fail roundup.
Neutron, Gritzon, Menough

Thu Nov 15 2012 00:00:00 PST 1:42:19
Victory and Associates, rock music, rock nerd talk, punk, indie