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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Episode three is UP!. Itunes link in that previous sentence, mp3 is Here
Nigh pro interviews w/Rob Montage of WAXEATER and Prof. Rick Valentin of Poster Children and Thoughts Detecting Machines. Whoa! President Bearfucker: Would see. Conan is not Bulletproof (PRFBBQ2012 drunk tales), Birthdays galore and the Signal “bump”. Do it up! We’re actually getting ok at this crap.

Music Played:
Screaming Females – I Don’t Mind It
Waxeater – Yeah, Well…
Thoughts Detecting Machines – Level Me Out
Poster Children – The Floor
Rival Dickens – Forget The Naughts
Torche – Snake are Charmed
Bottomless Pit – Red Pen