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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Episode 6 is up! Itunes link in the previous sentence, mp3 here.
Ep006: Andrew Elstner (Torche, Tilts) vs. Bat Piss (in the eye!!!), Band party fouls, the metal “community”, returns, “the three song rule” and a lot more.

Torche – Rock and Roll Mantasy
Tilts – Super Ultra Mega
Tilts – Whatever Happened (Live)
Trophy Wives – You’re Like a Bad Song
Hurry Up Shotgun – Gravity
Repeat After Me – Radio Doctor
Federation X – The Only Fool Is You

Episode 5 is now up! Itunes link in the previous sentence, mp3 here. THE SIGNALCAST! phone calls from John Houlihan of Live from the Barrage/Risk/Reward, etc. and more Ryan Werner… Conan hates self promo and youtube links, lots of music, Frankly this episode is all over the place. Not apologizing, just explaining.

The Bismarck – Breadwinner
Lozen – Le Dragon
The Nightmarchers – All Hits
Ifihadahifi – Continuous Symmetries
SEMINARS – Easy ‘Cause It Is
Risk/Reward – B-side
These Estates – Soiled Hands
Legal Fingers – Downtown Prowler
Like Like The The The Death – Revival Red Devil
Pink City – Justine
Skamp – Deet Deet Deet
Tilts – Ozark Bowtie
Milk Music – Beyond Living

Episode four is UP!. Itunes link in that previous sentence, mp3 is Here

Mike Morasky (Steel Pole Bath Tub, Milk Cult), an in depth career spanning interview!
Must hear! For the story in 50:17 and 56:10 alone. PARANOID / SURRENDER / PARANOID / SURRENDER / PARANOID / SURRENDER… so great!

Music Played:

Steel Pole Bathtub – Train to Miami
Milk Cult – Mystery Oasis
Milk Cult – Detroit Disco Cop
Melvins – The War on Wisdom
Steel Pole Bathtub – Paranoid
Nonagon – The Swifts
Milk Cult – Toybeat
Milk Cult – Corsican Waves
Milk Cult – Unreleased Song #3
Steel Pole Bathtub – Black Eye Fixer
Steel Pole Bathtub – Soul Cannon
B. Hamilton – Everything I Own is Broken