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Monthly Archives: April 2013

We at You Can’t Stop the Signal highly endorse reading Steven Hyden’s wonderful series “The Winners’ History of Rock and Roll”, possibly even before you listen to our next episode? How is that for a teaser.

And no, you do not need to like Linkin Park or Bon Jovi to enjoy these great pieces of writing.

Part 1 – Led Zeppelin
Part 2 – Kiss
Part 3 – Bon Jovi
Part 4 – Aerosmith
Part 5 – Metallica
Part 6 – Linkin Park
Part 7 – The Black Keys

Hutch Harris of the Thermals is on, we talk Desperate Ground, records and touring and how your kid isn’t in a band. Don’t try to force them to be in one.

Also writing on butts, Aaron Vold, Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak, The Thermals are a catalog band, Desperate Grounds coffee, Who cares about the boomtown rats?, Alien Nation – large cast and opening.

Mudhoney – I like It Small
The Thermals – Born To Kill
The Thermals – Returning To The Fold
The Thermals – How We Know

Philistines – Complications
Minutes – I Have Literally Been In 1000 Fights.
The Wilma Pool – The Moon Undoes It All

Ep010: (Mp3 linkItunes)

Ryan Christopher Parks (B. Hamilton), the idea of home, OAKLAND, M. Night Schlong-a-long, Sound City Movie, Who is Harry Nelson and Where Are My Pants?, Aborted Dave Berger traffic report.

Songs played:

B. Hamilton – Stupid As the Sun
B. Hamilton – Susan
Marnie Stern – You Don’t Turn Down
Once and Future Band – Brain (demo version)
B. Hamilton – Outside a Hexagram
Silkworm – Dirty Air

Ep009: (Mp3 linkItunes)

Mike Howells (Hair Du, LFTB), Fleecing the Fans, “Enough Talk”, Neutron’s van was stolen. Wilfred talk. The Bismarck is cursed.

Songs played:

Songs for Snakes – F.E.A.R.
Blackout Dates – Epic Song
Hair Dü – My Favorite Christmas Meal
Joe 4 – Houlihan
Eastern Anchors – James the Viking
The Bismarck – Bedbreaker
Hurry Up Shotgun – Garbage Destinations
Qui – Apartment.