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Monthly Archives: May 2013

An indepth discussion with Brendan Canty (Deathfix, Fugazi) we talk with the man about his new band, bumming out a t-shirt designer with a propensity for skulls and cyclops snakes, work on national geographic “hard time”, Burn to Shine, and he dispenses some fatherly advice on the air. Eddie Vedder, fugazi turning down playing the Star Spangled Banner in The Big Lebowski, Marnie Stern show wrap up and more, more, more!

Primes – Drive
Deathfix – Mind Control
fugazi – Runaway Return
Deathfix – Better Than Bad
STNNNG – Braindumb

We speak at length with music writer Steven Hyden of The Winner’s History of Rock and Roll and other great longform pieces. Some pretty in depth rock nerdery with one of the most intelligent and insightful folks doing it in this land. Dinosaur Jr. on Jenny Jones, The World Shouldn’t Revolve Around New York, Green Bay memories, cheesesteak dollars, Signalcast – Season 2, the soundboard

Survival Knife – Name That Tune
Deathfix – Better Than Bad
Call Me Lightning – When I Am Gone My Blood Will Be Free
Torche – Letting Go
Call Me Lightning – Beyond The Beasts