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Monthly Archives: June 2013


We talk with 1/2 of the incredible Survival Knife (ORIGIN STORY!), Mr. Sandeno and Mr. Trosper on getting zined, Unwound, Live leaves, entirely too long is spent on Lemonade and a band called The Clappers. Also: Music Directors for TV have terrible taste in music and harpsichord music records.

Survival Knife – Traces of Me
Survival Knife – Name That tune
Unwound – Dragnalus
Mayor for Life – Scarlette
Unwound – Below The Salt

Great talk with Bill Badgley of the enduring and fantastic Federation X of Bellingham. Great talk of classic touring vs. touring in 2013. Crazy stories of liquid acid and adult book stores, and the documentary Kill All Redneck Pricks (a movie about the band KARP)

Body Futures – A Complete Divorce
Federation X – Real American Kids With Real American Ids
Federation X – Southern Comfort
Helms Alee – Magic Man
Federation X – Gone Too Long