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Monthly Archives: September 2013

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Happy birthday condoms, Steve Brooks moving to SF with his paper shredder, The litigious nature of the Happy Birthday song, Writing process/Torche belongs to the world. Also: Metallica Tour Film preview commentary, Voltron’s cod piece. WWGD?(What would Gargamel Do?), ADD Traffic. Mouse vs. Blogs and so very much more!

jonathanandandrew-torche copy

Torche – Keep Up
Thoughts Detecing Machines – In Grey
Future of the Left – Perpetual Motives
Blackout Dates – Ds Get Degrees
Tilts – Give Me Some of Your Loving
SEMINARS – Bismarcked Again
Tyranny is Tyranny – The American Dream is a Lie

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Mark Trombino was the drummer for a band called Drive Like Jehu. We speak with him about this very influential band as well as the Donut Shop he is opening. We also talk about his production work with top selling bands like Blink 182 and Jimmy Eat World. We get an update about a Primus show in Alaska from Mouse, sports analogies and a quick PRF BBQ 2013 roundup from Neutron, Evan is on painkillers and some airplane stories. Nice!

The Rutabega – The Shaman
Future of the Left – The Bisexuality of Distance
Drive Like Jehu – Bullet Train to Vegas
Nonagon – Dress
Drive Like Jehu – Luau