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Monthly Archives: December 2013

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Steve Albini
We talk to Steve Albini about nicknames, origin of Electrical Audio, kids, renting a 4-track to learn how to record. the In Utereo re-release, being a part time band and full time lover, the full story behind six different Shellac songs (including: “Look at ME, I’m A PLANE!”), a FOR SERIOUS in depth talk! All of this plus: Halloween OBSERVED, Whetstone Shizuku and other Spam, and wordplay. So much wordplay!

Use the given link to find out all you have to know.

songs played:

Radiant RepublicSomebody Else’s Golden Era
ShellacSteady As She Goes
Future of the Left – I Don’t Know What You Ketamine (But I think I Love You)
Shellac – Copper
Shellac – Prayer to God
Shellac – End of Radio