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Monthly Archives: February 2014

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Trey Spruance - Episode 24 - You Can't Stop The Signal

We speak with the incredible Trey Spruance about all things SC3, why it was easy to quit Faith No More, playing in castles, Book T, Ernest Gold and Bruno Nicolai, The book of Exodus as surf music, why books are cool, Bellingham to Prague, “Gentrifying ethnic music.”, playing with feel, Angry fetishists, Secret Chiefs fans that “get it” too much. Soapbox Derby, Captain and Tennille, Pythagorean modes, The California album production and live. Marcy Playground and Mr. Bungle, and how children see crazy music.

Incredible talk! Super informative.

Secret Chiefs 3 – Emir of the Bees
Secret Chiefs 3 – Book T: Broken Glass Hearse
Secret Chiefs 3 – Zulkifar
Secret Chiefs 3 / UR – Circumambulation
Secret Chiefs 3 – Blaze of the Grail
Secret Chiefs 3 – Safina

ep23timbyron copy

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We talk with Tim Byron to get The REAL Mae-Shi story, Christian or not? Oursourcing touring, being a “cool” lawyer, “calling all lawyers”, Signalcast Webbie awards. do people eat breakfast during the week?, the movie Frailty? Fake “book of mormon” contest, Doug Yule’s Velvet Underground/Mae Shi, Intellectual property and becoming a dad, controversial iTunes opinions and closed doors that are not closed doors. It’s good stuff!

songs played:

The Mae-Shi – Revelation Party
The Mae-Shi – Run To Your Grave
The Mae-Shi – Vampire Beats
The Mae-Shi – Power to the Power Bite Two
The Mae-Shi – Takoma the Dolphin is Missing
The Mae-Shi – Lamb and Lion
The Mae-Shi – Raise Up the Judges (Go Dancing Again)
The Mae-Shi – Repetition
The Mae-Shi – Repetition
The Mae-Shi – Repetition
The Mae-Shi – Repetition