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We talk with 1/2 of the incredible Survival Knife (ORIGIN STORY!), Mr. Sandeno and Mr. Trosper on getting zined, Unwound, Live leaves, entirely too long is spent on Lemonade and a band called The Clappers. Also: Music Directors for TV have terrible taste in music and harpsichord music records.

Survival Knife – Traces of Me
Survival Knife – Name That tune
Unwound – Dragnalus
Mayor for Life – Scarlette
Unwound – Below The Salt

Great talk with Bill Badgley of the enduring and fantastic Federation X of Bellingham. Great talk of classic touring vs. touring in 2013. Crazy stories of liquid acid and adult book stores, and the documentary Kill All Redneck Pricks (a movie about the band KARP)

Body Futures – A Complete Divorce
Federation X – Real American Kids With Real American Ids
Federation X – Southern Comfort
Helms Alee – Magic Man
Federation X – Gone Too Long

An indepth discussion with Brendan Canty (Deathfix, Fugazi) we talk with the man about his new band, bumming out a t-shirt designer with a propensity for skulls and cyclops snakes, work on national geographic “hard time”, Burn to Shine, and he dispenses some fatherly advice on the air. Eddie Vedder, fugazi turning down playing the Star Spangled Banner in The Big Lebowski, Marnie Stern show wrap up and more, more, more!

Primes – Drive
Deathfix – Mind Control
fugazi – Runaway Return
Deathfix – Better Than Bad
STNNNG – Braindumb

We speak at length with music writer Steven Hyden of The Winner’s History of Rock and Roll and other great longform pieces. Some pretty in depth rock nerdery with one of the most intelligent and insightful folks doing it in this land. Dinosaur Jr. on Jenny Jones, The World Shouldn’t Revolve Around New York, Green Bay memories, cheesesteak dollars, Signalcast – Season 2, the soundboard

Survival Knife – Name That Tune
Deathfix – Better Than Bad
Call Me Lightning – When I Am Gone My Blood Will Be Free
Torche – Letting Go
Call Me Lightning – Beyond The Beasts

Hutch Harris of the Thermals is on, we talk Desperate Ground, records and touring and how your kid isn’t in a band. Don’t try to force them to be in one.

Also writing on butts, Aaron Vold, Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak, The Thermals are a catalog band, Desperate Grounds coffee, Who cares about the boomtown rats?, Alien Nation – large cast and opening.

Mudhoney – I like It Small
The Thermals – Born To Kill
The Thermals – Returning To The Fold
The Thermals – How We Know

Philistines – Complications
Minutes – I Have Literally Been In 1000 Fights.
The Wilma Pool – The Moon Undoes It All

Ep010: (Mp3 linkItunes)

Ryan Christopher Parks (B. Hamilton), the idea of home, OAKLAND, M. Night Schlong-a-long, Sound City Movie, Who is Harry Nelson and Where Are My Pants?, Aborted Dave Berger traffic report.

Songs played:

B. Hamilton – Stupid As the Sun
B. Hamilton – Susan
Marnie Stern – You Don’t Turn Down
Once and Future Band – Brain (demo version)
B. Hamilton – Outside a Hexagram
Silkworm – Dirty Air

Ep008: (Mp3 linkItunes)

We recap the incredible PRF Thundersnow, meeting Andrew Dice Clay, White power happy hour, “We’ve Got Wood!” the Gar Wood comedy show and who has the shortest audience. Jam packed with music too.

Songs played:

Killer Party – What Up Margaret Cho?
Nonagon – Fresnel Lens
The Rutabega – (Steely Carp Mix)
The Gary – Fair Weatherer
Federation X – Charlie Jackie Freedom Pride
The Night Marchers – Pain
Police Teeth – Emmanaulle in Renton
Sparklehorse – Happy Pig
The Rutabega – Running With the Devil
Bear Claw – Back Breaker
Retribution Gospel Choir – Can’t Walk Out

Ep007: (Mp3 linkItunes) David Yow (Jesus Lizard, Qui, Scratch Acid) Battle of the Bands (a real battle?), Neutron owns a Katana, Evan’s Guttermouth story, Winter Doldrums and Grievances episode. California Raisins vs. Harlem Globetrotters Pussycat Breakfast
We interrupt David Yow’s meal and flounder for a bit before he calls in to talk Jesus Lizard, Get Faced, acting, etc. Blubberly Hellbellies, he also sings a You Can’t Stop The Signal exclusive song to his cat. Seriously.

Songs played:

Hank IV – Garbage Star
Jesus Lizard – Monkey Trick
Dark Beach – Vamp
Obits – I Want Results
Future of the Left – Robocop 4: Fuck Off Robocop
Bottomless Pit – Dog Tag
10 Cent Fuck Flicks – Pussy Flavored Ice Cream
Poster Children – The Bottle
Qui – Freeze
The Father Figures – Fleecing the Peace
Big Business – Guns

Episode 6 is up! Itunes link in the previous sentence, mp3 here.
Ep006: Andrew Elstner (Torche, Tilts) vs. Bat Piss (in the eye!!!), Band party fouls, the metal “community”, returns, “the three song rule” and a lot more.

Torche – Rock and Roll Mantasy
Tilts – Super Ultra Mega
Tilts – Whatever Happened (Live)
Trophy Wives – You’re Like a Bad Song
Hurry Up Shotgun – Gravity
Repeat After Me – Radio Doctor
Federation X – The Only Fool Is You

Episode 5 is now up! Itunes link in the previous sentence, mp3 here. THE SIGNALCAST! phone calls from John Houlihan of Live from the Barrage/Risk/Reward, etc. and more Ryan Werner… Conan hates self promo and youtube links, lots of music, Frankly this episode is all over the place. Not apologizing, just explaining.

The Bismarck – Breadwinner
Lozen – Le Dragon
The Nightmarchers – All Hits
Ifihadahifi – Continuous Symmetries
SEMINARS – Easy ‘Cause It Is
Risk/Reward – B-side
These Estates – Soiled Hands
Legal Fingers – Downtown Prowler
Like Like The The The Death – Revival Red Devil
Pink City – Justine
Skamp – Deet Deet Deet
Tilts – Ozark Bowtie
Milk Music – Beyond Living