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Ep2: Delusions of Competency– A Yelp for bands with M’ris Berlin, Paulie Shore., Sliding Scale Blowjobs at Burnt Ramen, “Eating With The Enemy” with Dank Django and SO MUCH MORE. Come on friend, treat yourself won’t you?

Music played:
Future of the Left – Beneath the Waves an Ocean
Philistines – Whoo hoo hoo
Minot – Conflag
B. Hamilton – Outside a Hexagram
Hurry Up Shotgun – Ghost of Ursula
the Sailors – I Punch You With The Fist of My Cock
Poison Control Center – Some Ordinary Vision
Tilts – Mexiqo
Moon Eater – Cold Hearted Lover
Nervous Curtains – Wired to Make Waves
Minutes – Float And Breathe
The Book-Burners – Watch What They Say About You
Jingoes – Between the Shields
Porch – Fat Izzy
Karl Hendricks Trio – The Whole Fucking Thing